[REVIEW] Byonik Seal Deep Moisturising Gel

The Byonik Seal Deep Moisturising Gel is what we all need this time of year. Autumn has graced us with her cold presence and like most people l now find i’m reaching for the central heating, both factor my skin isn’t very keen on. The other reason this Seal was recommended to me was because my skin was sensitised and needed soothing, hydrating and replenishing. So what is Seal?

SEAL improves the skin’s moisture levels by strengthening the natural protective functions from environmental damage. The active ingredient found in Seal is: Black oat which provides deep moisturising and gives your skin instant pick me up, skin feel plump, full of bounce and looks revitalised. Provitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and biotin is combined with a maximum amount of rich ceramides to help your skin create a layer of freshness which protects it from environmental damage.

I apply a pea size amount on damp clean skin, morning and night. Its sink in instantly leaving no greasy residue and no heavy feeling. l then apply the rest of my skincare.

For me its reassuring when i’m out there in the cold that my skin is protected like its wrapped up in a comfort blanket and that is what seal is for me, a comfort blanket. Since applying Seal my skin is alot calmer, soft, full of bounce and overall much happier. This is a product that l will always have in my winter arsenal or apply when my skin is compromised.

An added bonus is its free from parabens, silicones, perfume and mineral oil. I love that it It can be purchased in a fancy bottle or a tube. I went for a tube as l like to cut the tube an scoop every tiny bit l can get my hands on, nope nothing escapes me!

I love this product and l highly recommend this what ever your skin type is.

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