[REVIEW] BYBI Beauty C-Caf Cream

My newest moisturiser in my morning and night routine is the BYBI Beauty C-Caf Cream. A super creamy, richer texture that helps to brighten, de-puff and vitalize skin!

C-Caf Cream includes my one and only true love, Vitamin C. Using Kakadu Plum as well as ascorbyl glucoside Vitamin C, skin is brighter and more even. I visibly see firmer skin, especially on my forehead. I find Vitamin C really effective for my skin, it works wonders instantly. I love this cream particularly in the morning, preps my skin for makeup in the best way.

C-Caf also includes caffeine, also a great ingredient to use in the morning as it’s known for its de puffing benefits it gives to the skin. If you ever wake up with puffy under eyes or cheeks this can be a great cream to consider.

Some other key ingredients that don’t go unnoticed are green tea extract, high in antioxidants and repairs skin from pollution and UV Ray damage. Also Squalane, a favourite of mine for hydration!

I find myself grabbing this one more for nighttime as well as morning, I just love the texture.

Have you tried BYBI Beauty before?

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