[REVIEW] By Wishtrend Quad Active Boosting Essence

When I started trying more and more Korean skincare I got hooked! Today I am reviewing all about this amazing ‘Quad Active Boosting Essence’ By Wishtrend which people love so much.

This is what I discovered:
1. Serum booster (essence);
2. Texture: watery;
3. Scent: unscented;
4. Suitable for all skin types;
5. Best for dry/ problematic/ textured skin;
6. Fungal Acne (Malassezia) Safe: Yes;
7. Vegan: Yes;
8. Cruelty-free: Yes;
9. Price: $23.00 ;
10. Volume: 100 ml ;
11. Made in Korea.

Key Ingredients:
White Mulberry Extract, Indian lotus Extract, Schisandra Fruit Extract, Willow Bark Extract, Cornflower Water, Honey Filtrate;

1. Great in calming irritation and redness;
2. Helps keeping acne at bay;
3. Lightweight;
4. Fast absorbing;
5. Great ingredients like Willow Bark Extract, Honey Ferment Filtrate, Indian lotus Leaf Extract;
6. Vegan/ Cruelty-free;
7. Luxurious looking packaging;
8 Recyclable packaging.

1. Glass can be heavy and is fragile;
2. Contains propolis, so if you are allergic to honey products must patch test it before using;
3. Not widely available.

This essence has a watery but concentrated texture which absorbs fast. I personally love using this as my second step. It has no scent which I enjoy. I apply it to a damp face, and it doesn’t leave any residue or stickiness although if you apply it on dryer skin it might leave a slight film. It contains ingredients which have anti-inflammatory effects and is great if you suffer from acne. One thing that is not ideal for me is the packaging. I would like it if it would be a spritz as it would be easier to apply. Overall, great essence!

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