REVIEW: By Wishtrend Pro-Biome Balance Cream

Wishtrend has been coming out with a lot of new releases recently and I got to try out the latest product launch! The By Wishtrend Pro-Biome Balance Cream is an extremely lightweight moisturizer that’s perfect for warm summers. The key ingredients of this cream are 70% probiotics, 10% propolis extract, squalane, and fermented honey.

Even though this product is called a “cream”, it actually became more like a water-cream once I started to massage the product onto my skin. The cream is super light and does not feel sticky at all. It was also easy for me to add a facial oil (totally not necessary) on top during my night routine.

Although there is no artificial fragrance in this product, I noticed a tart/sour-like scent when I applied it on my face. I think the smell could be due to the high concentration of probiotics in the product because it reminded me of my Greek-yogurt face mask, which also contains probiotics.

Overall, I really enjoy this product and would recommend to oily or combination skin types. Wishtrend is actually having a Beauty Tester event for this product right now!

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