Review: Bliss Clear Genius Clarifying Toner + Serum

I have quite dry skin and I have found that many clarifying products tend to be on the drying side of things for me, so I am pretty wary of products that are marketed as clarifying. As such, I was a bit skeptical going into testing Bliss Clear Genius Clarifying Toner + Serum. However, I have been quite pleasantly surprised by this one!

Ingredient Highlights:
1. Salicylic Acid
2. Witch Hazel Water
3. Niacinamide
4. Zinc PCA
5. Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract

This toner has a viscous gel consistency. Personally, I am not the biggest fan of gel toners, but I do like that the thickness makes it easy to dispense this product with control. I don’t like that Bliss’s instructions on how to use the product specifically say to apply with a cotton pad. Don’t get me wrong, if you enjoy cotton pads, to each their own! I just think cotton pads are unnecessarily wasteful and I don’t think it’s particularly responsible to push the idea that you need to use them when you really don’t.

As for the product itself- I am quite impressed with it! I have only been using this in my morning routines, because my skin gets a bit irritated if I use it twice a day. Using it once a day, I have noticed a reduction in the appearance of my pores and ultimately fewer breakouts. I love that this toner is so effective and doesn’t dry my skin out at all!

I also like that this product can be used as both a toner and a serum and help simplify skin care routines! I tend to indulge in quite long routines, but I am trying to get better about keeping it more short and sweet (at least some of the time) and this multitasker is great for that!

Price Point: $18 USD for 130 mL

Repurchase? I could see myself repurchasing this eventually. Right now I have a big backlog of exfoliants to test though, so it will be quite a while before I would be making any such purchases.

How often do you exfoliate?

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