[REVIEW] Bio-Solutions Retinoid and Goji Berry Retexturizing Serum

Herbal Dynamics Beauty Bio-Solutions Retinoid and Goji Berry Retexturizing Serum is modern retinoid combined with Carrot seed oil and Goji extract. It delivers anti-aging benefits and also retexturizes, refines, and smooths skin, whilst the addition of hyaluronic acid and turmeric soothes and balances the skin.

Key Ingredients:
1. Carrot Seed Oil: This oil has toning and skin revitalizing properties
2. Goji Extract: Helps skin retain moisture and regenerate skin cells
3. Turmeric: Contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties
4. Hyaluronic Acid: Hydrates the skin and creates a plumping effect

My thoughts:
The formula is very lightweight and dries to a non sticky, non greasy residue. It has a rich yellow color and a thin watery consistency in a dropper bottle. On the nights I want to use this I mix about 3 drops with my moisturizer and apply (to dry skin). I haven’t had any issues with dryness or irritation and it performs exactly as I hoped! I can see this being a great starter retinol for beginners, or for people like me who want something to use when their skin needs a break from the stronger stuff. Though don’t get me wrong, this packs a punch on its own as well. If you’re a beginner I’d start with 3-4 nights a week. This is something I feel like I can definitely recommend.

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