[REVIEW] Besoma Glowing Goddess Signature Serum

This lovely Glowing Goddess Signature Serum was sent to me by Besoma Beauty to try out. I found this quite hydrating for my dehydrated skin and loved the light syrupy texture. It glides across the skin and sinks in easily without any tackiness.

Key Ingredients:
1. Niacinamide
2. White Willow Bark Extract
3. Sodium Hyaluronate

Rapid Review
1. Light syrupy texture, not sticky at all
2. Pretty hydrating and lightened my acne scar
Recommended to All Skin Types, sensitive should patch test due to floral extracts and alcohol.

My Thoughts:
I had an acne scar before I started using this and I’m surprised that it was lightened significantly after incorporating this serum. My skin also feels softer and more glowy the next morning after using this during my night routine. The only con is that this does pill a little when reapplying sunscreen, so I mainly use this for my night routine rather than day routine.

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