[REVIEW] Besoma Camellia Glow Face Oil

Are you a fan of facial oils? If so, I think you’ll like Besoma Camellia Glow Face Oil. Besoma Beauty is an Asian woman owned cruelty-free skincare brand. The brand works closely with their chemists and formulators in developing their products, harnessing the power of plants and flowers. In addition to a lovely brand mission, I am absolutely obsessed with this packaging of this. Just look at how gorgeous this facial oil is!

Key Ingredients:
1. Japanese Camellia Seed Oil
2. Golden Chamomile Extract
3. Tea Plant Extract

Rapid Review
1. Lightweight runny texture
2. Only need about 1-2 drops
3. Has a dainty floral scent to it
Recommended to All Skin Types, sensitive should patch test due to floral extracts.

My Experience:
I really enjoyed using this facial oil during my night routine, especially on colder drier days. The weather has been really weird lately where I live, some weeks very hot, and then the next few weeks so so cold. This has made it hard for my skin, especially during the cold dry weeks. This oil has been so helpful during those weeks and it is so lightweight and doesn’t clog my pores at all. I found it perfect to use with my lighter moisturizers, as it helped to seal the hydration in. My skin also felt softer the morning after using this. I personally like using about 3 drops, since my skin is dehydrated dry-combo. I think this could be used for all skin types as it is very lightweight, while working efficiently at sealing hydration and softening the skin.

The only con I can find is the price of the facial oil, but it really is not that expensive compared to some other products I have tried. If you aren’t a broke college student like me, you may definitely want to take a look at this one.

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