[REVIEW] Benton Let’s Carrot Oil Toner

Took this in the snow featuring the Let’s Carrot Oil Toner from Benton! Is anyone over the snow yet? I know I am.

While eating carrots has tons of health benefits, it is also great for our skin!

What is it?
1. It is an oil toner divided into two layers: 1. an oil phase (beta-carotene and carrot seed oil) and 2. an aqueous phase (carrot water and carrot extracts). It contains an 8:2 ratio of oil-water formulation. Shake before each use (swipe to also see what it looks like before and after you shake it)
2. Provides rich nutrition to skin giving a firm, nourishing and moisturizing effect to the skin.
3. Provides healthy skin texture care, vitalization, glossiness, skin balance care, and make skin look dewy
4. Can be used for all skin types

Key Ingredients
1. Carrot (Carrot Root Water, Carrot Extracts, Carrot Seeds Oil): contains Carotene and rich fat-soluble vitamin A to help maintain skin health and smooth skin texture
2. Beta-carotene: helps to protect skin
3. Tocopherol (Vitamin E): boost vitality and health of skin and prevent oxidation in the product

It doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like:
1. Artificial fragrance
2. Artificial coloring
3. PEGs
4. Volatile alcohols

It is:
1. dermatologically tested
2. antioxidant tested: showing that it has antioxidant effect

Texture and Scent
1. The orange color in the upper oil layer is a unique color of beta-carotene
2. has a subtle natural scent

1. Moisten cotton pad with toner and put it on extremely dry or flaky areas of your face for about 5 minutes
2. Can be used as a mist anytime your skin feels dry

First time using an oil toner that is in the form of a spray bottle. I love that it can also be used as a mist for whenever my skin feels dehydrated. Love that it feels refreshing, calming and soothing on the skin. It gives my skin a nice healthy glow and brightening effect.

Have you tried any carrot products before?

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