[REVIEW] Benton Deep Greentea Serum

Benton Deep Greentea Serum is light serum that helps the skin cool, hydrate, nourish and revitalize while leaving it healthy and clear. Was evaluated as low irritating, so can be used without any burden on damaged skin or sensitive due to stress.

Free of volatile alcohols, artificial coloring and fragrance, and PEGs.

Notable Ingredients:
1. Green tea (50% leaf water and 3% leaf extract, seed extract, and root extract): this is just jammed packed with soothing green tea
2. 3 Hyaluronic Acid: moisturizing
3. Panthenol: moisturizing
4. Tocopherol (Vitamin E): antioxidant and moisturizing
5. Willow Bark Extract: soothing
6. Madecassoside: skin conditioning and antioxidant
7. Centella Asiatica extract: soothing, skin conditioning, cleansing, and smoothing

My Experience:
This is just jam packed with great ingredients mainly for soothing, but I didn’t feel this was very hydrating. This also left a kind of tacky finish for a bit and because this wasn’t very hydrating, I added on my HA serum before using this product one time and it made my skin so sticky. But I’m not left feeling tacky after my whole routine.

For the soothing benefts, I would say this did a good job in doing it. For me, I’ve been using this for a little over 2 weeks and it did take a little while to show it’s effects for me. My skin did calm down a bit.

I will say though, that I recently really damaged and stressed out my skin from trying out a specific product (not these) plus life stress. But I guess this was an opportunity to test the claim of being non irritating. What I got was that my skin still stung a little bit (this may have been just due to how sensitized my skin was at the time) but not as much as other products that I’ve tried and I was okay with before this happened. I’ve only been focusing on a limited intensely gentle, hydrating and moisturizing routine now, but I found myself not reaching for this.

This is still a good product, but I wouldn’t get it. I didn’t like that this wasn’t hydrating enough & the soothing benefits didn’t wow me either.

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