[REVIEW] Bellflower Idebenone Brightening Gel Toner

A while back, Bellflower sent me a few goodies- this toner, their Pineapple PHA Peeling Toner, and their Watermelon Fresh Sunscreen. Of the three, I have to say this Bellflower Idebenone Brightening Gel Toner is my least favorite.

Cruelty Free
NOT Fragrance Free (Orange, Lavender, Rosewood, Rosemary, and Fennel Oils)

Ingredient Highlights:
1. Apricot Kernel Oil
2. Glycerin
3. Camellia Japonica Seed Oil
4. Niacinamide
5. Honeysuckle Flower Extract
6. Cetearyl Alcohol
7. Propolis Extract
8. Rice Extract
9. Ascorbic Acid
10. Peptides

This toner has a thicker gel-like consistency as you can see from how well it suspends all these tiny bubbles. Beyond the thickness, this toner also has quite a distinctive texture because it has quite a bit of slip to it. It feels kind of oddly slippery on application and dries down to have a bit of a sticky texture.

I really like the ingredients of this one, but because I am not a big fan of the experience of using this product, I just don’t find myself reaching for it often. I did use it consistently for a few weeks straight for review purposes and I can’t say that I noticed any brightening during that period. However, my skin did feel healthier and more well nourished, which was good to see.

Price Point: $20 USD for 120mL
Repurchase? I won’t be repurchasing this one. It’s not a bad product, but I am just not a big fan of its consistency and finish. Insted, I will opt for toners that I enjoy using more.

What product has let you down or not lived up to expectations recently?

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