[REVIEW] Arcana Skin Nine Herbs Charm

A face oil I’ve fallen head over heels with is Nine Herbs Charm by Arcana Skin, a nutritious emerald green face oil that supports skin prone to blemishes, redness and excess oil. Rich in biodynamically-grown herbs such as Nettle, Vervain, Plantain, Mugwort & Cleaver that encourage lymphatic drainage, help the skin to detoxify and to help treat skin inflammation.

Nine herbs Charm is not only wonderful to the skin, but equally to mind and senses with its essential oil blend of Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, Clary Sage, and Nettle.

At the time I started using Nine Herbs Charm face oil, my skin was in a bad state. I had dry spots from rosacea flares, some redness and little acne on my T-zone. I swear I saw an improvement after the first application, and it only got better the longer I used this face potion. I applied Nine Herbs Charm in the evening and woke up to calm skin, and the dry spot that had been there for a few weeks had disappeared overnight! Over time I’ve also noticed an improvement in acne and my pores seem to have minimized. Very impressed by Nine Herbs Charms, it is such a treat to use!

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