[REVIEW] AESTURA A-Cica Stress Relief Cream-Essence

The AESTURA A-Cica Stress Relief Cream-Essence is non-sticky treatment essence that provides relief to stressed, irritated and sensitive skin as well as strengthens the skin’s barriers.

Key Ingredients:
1. Anti-Stress Complex™ – contains panthenol & allantoin to instantly calm irritation and protect skin from environmental aggressors
2. A-CICA Complex™ – helps reinforce skin’s moisture barrier
3. Beta-Glucan – soothes redness and irritation

My Thoughts:
Don’t be fooled by this essence’s cute & squishy appearance, it’s actually a heavy duty, highly effective fluid that gets the job done fast. It has a milky creamy texture that is very light and feels comfortable on the skin. It’s fragrance-free, blendable and easily absorbed especially if applied by pressing the cream with your palms. I like to concentrate this over my large pores and other inflamed areas as it instantly reduces redness and bumps. The best part? Its large and easy to use packaging allows me to apply this generously day and night without wasting any product.

I can definitely see why a lot of Korean makeup artists use this to prep the skin. It creates a soft and dewy base and it makes the skin look flawless and radiant under makeup!

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