[REVIEW] Abib Tone-up Sunstick Silky Bar

The Abib Tone-up Sunstick Silky Bar is a daily sun care that could brighten up the skin with a lot of tone up and hydrating also protecting ingredients for the skin. This sunstick claims that it will ensure the skin to have a brighter complexion and protecting the skin from sun. It has a aquaxyl and hyaluronic acid to give you a refreshing and moisturize finish! With SPF 50+ PA++++ it will surely protect the skin from sun.

The packaging is made of a white plastic bottle equipped with a sturdy twist to make the product comes out. 20gr volume. The texture is a like a white bar and you could just easily swipe it on to the skin to get a brighter and complete protection. I have a oily skin type and have a darker tone. When i use this on face it doesnt have any stickyness or greasy. It is so easily absorp and doesnt have any whitecast when i swipe it on my skin. It doesnt have any smell at all which is great for someone that was sensitive to fragrance like me.

My Experience:
I usually use this sunstick in my AM routine. I swipe it all over my face and neck then i slightly massage it on to the skin. This sunstick is very comfortable when it touches my skin, it doesnt feel like it pull away my skin when i swipe it. The hydrating effect or moisturizing effect is also quite felt on my oily skin. What I love about it is that it really does what it claims to be, it makes my skin really have a great protection from the sun also has gave me a tone up that so natural yet fresh and doesnt make my skin looks ashy because my darker skin tone. Such a great product for someone that doesnt do makeup but wanting to have a fresher looks. So far I am amazed by its performance and it has not caused a bad reaction on my skin. I think it will be my new favorite for sunstick cause it was so efficient and easy to use!

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