[REVIEW] Abib Enriched Crème Zinc Tube

Abib Enriched Crème Zinc Tube is enriched and hypoallergenic cream for sensitive skin. Helps skin elasticity, soothe, moisturize and protect sensitive skin.

Notable Ingredients:
1. Zinc Oxide: effective for irritated skin, helps strengthen skin barrier, prevents your skin from damages, and protects from harmful and external irritants.
2. Sea Buckthorn Oil: for moisturizing
3. Argan oil: for moisturizing
4. Panthenol: for soothing while strengthening your skin barrier
5. Centella Asiatica: soothing
6. Heartleaf Extract: soothing

My Experience:
I think this is going to be one of my holy grails. I just simple loved this. You guys already know, but my skin was damaged recently from trying out a product. It was irritated to the point of itchy, red and peeling. I really needed heavy duty moisturizing and this product definitely helped in my skin’s recovery being quicker. This did not irritate or sting my skin as well during that time, instead gave me relief.

The texture is thick and creamy, but is still smooth. You can put this ontop of your moisturizer if you need extra hydration or occlusive. Also the ingredients are amazing. I mean it’s so limited that they were able to fit it all on the tube like that, plus their selection. This is hypoallergenic and it has no fragrance so really beneficial for sensitive skin types. I just loved this cream and with how well this helped it, I can’t be without it now.

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