[REVIEW] Yu-Be SPF30 Lip Therapy

There is so much talk in the skin care community about the importance of daily SPF, but I have been really surprised by the lack of discussion around lip SPF products like Yu-Be SPF30 Lip Therapy! In fact, I have been on the lookout for SPF lip products lately, but I haven’t seen many available … Read more

[REVIEW] Pura Cosmetics Prosecco Bubbles Lip Scrub

Usually, we love others but not ourselves and self-love is so important! I also noticed that everyone is focused on the lips, so I remembered my delicious Pura Cosmetics Prosecco Bubbles Lip Scrub which is reminding me of good summer days. This is what I discovered: – Sugar lip scrub; – Texture: sugar; – Scent: … Read more

[REVIEW] I’m Meme Pep! Balm Shade 02 Oh-oh

I do love products that you can use for multiple purposes, especially in beauty. I was kindly gifted this multi-use I’m Meme Pep! Balm Shade 02 Oh-oh. Can’t wait to share my opinion. This is what I discovered: – Multi-use balm for lips and cheeks; – Texture: thick, concentrated; – Scent: contains fragrance, but barely … Read more

[REVIEW] Hetkinen Pine Lip Balm

This spring I feel so honoured to be collaborating with Hetkinen, a sustainable Finnish brand that I’ve loved for a while ever since I tried their salt soap, remember the one that looks like a snowball? I’ll be bringing you lots of product reviews and sharing their admirable ethos. I’m so excited to have been … Read more