REVIEW: Dr. Brandt Triple Active Retinol

I absolutely love the white and rose gold packaging of Dr. Brandt Triple Active Retinol! I just think it looks so gorgeous and luxe! This treatment cream is quite thick and nourishing. The texture of it straight out of the pump looks almost gritty, but it doesn’t feel rough or gritty at all on the … Read more

Review: In Your Face Cream

Summer like Winter can cause dry skin too. Sun bathing, high temps, constant face/hand washing or showers, central air or fans, etc., can cause dry skin. In Your Face Cream to the rescue! The Cream is a rich, luscious, velvety smooth cream formulated for aging, dry, dull, and lifeless skin made of botanical antioxidants, organic … Read more

REVIEW: Real Barrier Extreme Cream

The Real Barrier Extreme Cream is rich cream with long lasting moisture benefits that are derived from a combination of specialty ingredients to help repair a damaged skin barrier. It also protects the skin from becoming more sensitive while healing it. Notable Ingredients: Real Barrier MLE complex (panthenol, allantoin, and madecassoside), spdium hyaluronate, and acetyl … Read more

REVIEW: By Wishtrend Pro-Biome Balance Cream

Wishtrend has been coming out with a lot of new releases recently and I got to try out the latest product launch! The By Wishtrend Pro-Biome Balance Cream is an extremely lightweight moisturizer that’s perfect for warm summers. The key ingredients of this cream are 70% probiotics, 10% propolis extract, squalane, and fermented honey. Even … Read more

[REVIEW] Acaderma Better With Age Replenishing Light Cream

I have tried a few Acaderma products so far and I have been so impressed with their formulations and philosophy! First off, let’s take a moment to appreciate the packaging of Better With Age Replenishing Light Cream. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous! I also love that they are using a refillable system to reduce waste. … Read more

[REVIEW] Acaderma Better With Age Rejuvenating Rich Cream

Acaderma impressed me right off the bat, as the order arrived in 2 boxes, a refillable container, and the Better With Age Rejuvenating Rich Cream itself, which together uses 55% less plastic than standard skin creams. The Claim: 1. Designed specifically to target existing signs of aging 2. Contains bakuchiol, a plant-derived active that’s gentle … Read more

[REVIEW] Ghost Democracy Cocoon Replenishing Ceramide Rich Cream

This is Ghost Democracy Cocoon Replenishing Ceramide Rich Cream newest launch, it is an ultra-nourishing cream that deeply moisturizes and replenishes the skin, to improve skin smoothness and texture. Key Ingredients: 1. Creamide Blend: help strengthen skin’s natural barrier to retain moisture, so the skin feels plumper, smoother and firmer. 2. Lipid Blend: Helps restore … Read more

[REVIEW] Baciel Hydra Barrier Cica Cream

I received the Baciel Hydra Barrier Cica Cream from 08L for a trial fee in exchange for a review. Thank you Baciel for letting me test this product. Claims: A cream for the damaged skin barrier and sensitive and irritated skin. Notable Ingredients: Centella Asiatica Extract, Niacinamide, Panthenol, Allatoin, 10 types of hyaluronic acids, and … Read more

[REVIEW] Make P:rem Hydrate Me. Micro Tension Cream

Make P:rem claim Hydrate Me. Micro Tension Cream: 1. Non-irritating, natural ingredients, providing all day and night long moisturization. 2. Helps to restore moisture and oil balance on skin. 3. Formulated with natural raspberry extracts, hyaluronic acids and deeply hydrating ingredients. Proven to increase moisture level by 80%! 4. Formulated with 3 types of hyaluronic … Read more

[REVIEW] Abib Enriched Crème Zinc Tube

Abib Enriched Crème Zinc Tube is enriched and hypoallergenic cream for sensitive skin. Helps skin elasticity, soothe, moisturize and protect sensitive skin. Notable Ingredients: 1. Zinc Oxide: effective for irritated skin, helps strengthen skin barrier, prevents your skin from damages, and protects from harmful and external irritants. 2. Sea Buckthorn Oil: for moisturizing 3. Argan … Read more